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A Diamond's soul is the light                                         Joseph Joubert, Thoughts

Measuring up to your Dreams

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Wishing for a necklace, earrings, a bracelet, a tiara? This and more is offered by our House via the following custom made form.

The Lapis Luminis' know-how accompanies you in your jewelry dream. Get in touch with La Maison using the form below, or by phone, Whatsapp or e-mail to let us know what you have in mind.


You may also easily send us a photo or drawing to help illustrate your idea, we'll get back to you with a custom design and proposal.

Lapis Luminis counsels you at every step, from design to workshop including the selection of your gems.

There are virtually no limits to bespoke creations by Lapis Luminis: both in the extravagance of the design or in the choice of the most precious stones.

Nothing is impossible with Lapis Luminis!

Express your desire here

The Lapis Luminis teams

look forward to hearing from you

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Adorn Yourself...

Charming stud earrings set with fancy pink diamonds each weighing 0.37 carat. Mounted in 18kt rose gold, accompanied by two GIA certificates.